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Ted has been  such an integral part of my – our community – the one in which we live with our pets, dogs in particular, to have a fulfilling life.

I believe that Ted as a Dog Behaviorist, is one of the best in his field because he really gets to know how your environment and your interactions influence your dogs behavior.       
It is important at my grooming shop to have dogs that are comfortable in our space, to play with other dogs and to “get along” with the grooming environment. I see many pets who don’t know how to be a dog and customers are surprised that after a few visits their pet is happier, healthier and a whole lot more fun. Some are easier to train to enjoy our environment and others need some extra help and this is where Ted comes in.
When we have a pet that is destructive or combative to the commands that the owner gives they don’t listen to us either; Ted helps these customers to understand dog behavior and complete the journey with teaching owners how to communicate with their dog in a way they understand and train the behavior necessary to have a healthy pet life.

We thank you Ted for your training of healthy and active dogs in our world!

Stephanie G. Harmon 
4 Paws Grooming                                        
Tecumseh Mi.


I am continually impressed with Ted's professionalism and service. I have learned from him that there are very few quick fixes when it comes to changing animal behavior. Ted is very upfront about this from the very beginning and provides his clients with the right tools to achieve lasting success. Dogs change over time and develop new and unwanted behaviors. Ted prepares his clients for these changes by teaching them learning and training principles that apply to a number of situations throughout your pet's life. Not only that, his service doesn't end with your initial  appointments, it lasts for the life of your dog. I have called him several times over the past few years and he's always ready to help. With Ted you get an education that lasts a lifetime, not a short-lived quick fix. Ted is well-educated and has years of personal experience training dogs, which is obvious to anyone who spends time with him.

Scott Whitehouse
Executive Director
HOPE Community Center
Adrian Mi.


There is no doubt that Mr. Aranda knows his dogs. In just 2 sessions he managed to help me and my girlfriend Amber correct our dog's worst problems and taught us how to continually improve Demon's overall behavior. Mr. Aranda does more than just teach you how to train your dog, he explains to you the reasons behind your dog’s behavior, based on animal learning science, so that in turn you can train your dog in a manner that he understands. It has  been over 1 month since our last session with Mr.Aranda and Demon’s behavior continues to improve, He doesn’t bark as much, has learned to wait in another room without being crated, doesn't jump on people and can heal when walking. I would recommend Mr. Aranda for anyone’s dog training needs.

Joseph Niemiec

Tecumseh Mi.

Amber and Demon
A week before picking Mocha up from the breeder, we had Ted come over and explain to our whole family what we could expect from a puppy and the things we could do to make her life easier. I was concerned about not starting off on the right foot, and didn't want to make "rookie" mistakes that would need to be corrected in the future. That was one of the best things we ever did.

We had Ted over a couple of times after Mocha came to live with us, when she was still a puppy. One problem I was sure would take Ted weeks to correct was actually explained and fixed within ten minutes. (She would NOT walk on a leash; would only lie on her side and be dragged--it makes me laugh to think of it now!) Ted always made sure we were satisfied with his explanations and encouraged us to practice some things while he was present, even after the allotted time was up.

A little over a year later, Mocha became a therapy dog. She passed every evaluation with flying colors. The evaluators wanted to know how I'd trained Mocha, so of course I gave Ted Aranda the credit. Mocha is now a part of TheraPaws, an exclusive Ann Arbor-based canine therapy group. Ted really listened carefully when I mentioned wanting Mocha to become a therapy dog and helped guide the training toward that end.

Eventually, I accepted a part-time job as volunteer coordinator at one of the facilities I had been visiting with Mocha. So now I bring Mocha with me to work every day. She is loved by everyone at work and in our community. I have referred many people to Ted Aranda because I know he's the best in his field.

Jane Crichton
Ann Arbor Mi.

Mocha & Jane
I'm the "parent" of a 3-year-old yellow lab mix, Bo, that my husband and I picked out from a shelter 2 years ago. Although, it seemed like he'd never lived inside (after running into windows repeatedly), we could tell that he'd be a good addition to our family. His one hang up that remained was walking on slippery floors. I had put area rugs down and kept his nail trimmed in hope that with time he'd gain the confidence to master non-carpeted surfaces. Skip ahead to this past Spring when my family was planning a vacation to the beach and the house we were renting had nothing but tile floors (for sand control). We were bringing our dogs (we also have Hannah a 7-year-old chocolate lab mix) to the beach. I was concerned about how my poor dog would do without any "safe" carpeted rooms. That's where Ted came in. In just a matter of weeks of working with Ted, Bo was brave enough to walk on the tile and after about two months he was walking on the tile in our house without getting treats as incentive. He did great on vacation, and it was such a relief that he wasn't stressed and it made us less stressed too.
​Thanks Ted!

Cristina Wandersieben


My experience with Ted Aranda was a very positive one. In March 2010 we adopted a 5 month American Staffordshire Terrier (Caine) to add to our family. We already had a 4 yr old Pit Bull mix (Diesel). They got along fabulously at first, then Caine started to get a little older and Diesel did not like the challenge on his territory. The first time they got into a fight was when my husband and I were having a disagreement that got a little heated. The two dogs just went for each other. It was scary and I thought they were going to kill each other. We got them separated and both dogs had minor injuries. After a few more incidents I knew that we could not go on with them not being under control. I had considered buying a shock collar but wasn't sure if that would help or make the situation worse. I called Ted and told him the problem I was having and he said he would help us. He came over on a Sunday and stayed until we understood exactly why they were fighting, how to control them and all our questions were answered.  The dogs now get along pretty well. We never give them the chance to get out of control.  Not only do they get along better, they are both more obedient and  we have more control of them overall. We try to work with them daily on sit, stay, come commands and both dogs are still improving. I would have to say without Ted's help we might have had to take Caine back to the rescue, which I didn't want to even think about. Thanks to Ted our family was able to stay intact.

Allison Sloan
Adrian Michigan

Caine & Deisel
Marley Bear came into our lives unexpectedly. He was just a small little puppy back then. As Marley got older he became afraid of small boys and even nipped my nephew a few times when he got backed into a no escape spot. My daughters were upset that we might have had to find Marley Bear a new home. I gave Ted Aranda a call and told him about Marley and his behavior. Ted came out in May 2011 and saw instantly how reactive Marley was. Ted  explained Marley's problem was fear aggression. Within twenty minutes of that first session Ted had Marley relaxed and under control and  comfortable with him. Ted taught me how Marley learned to be reactive and how to correct his fear aggression behavior. By the second session June 2011 Ted came back to work with Marley and me, and was extremely pleased with how well he was doing, the progress I had made with Marley, and how well he was doing with my daughters. Both of my daughters take turns brushing him, playing fetch with him, walking him, and Marley doesn't step out of line with them. My daughters even taught Marley how to turn our lights on/off.  He has become a big part of our family, and is improving every day with both myself and daughters. Marley can now approach small boys without being reactive. He is now able to play near small boys without  that fear, and our intentions for Marley are getting higher and higher as he progresses. Thank You Ted Aranda, without your help, Marley would probably have gotten much worse.

Thank You
Marley Bear & Family
Adrian Mi.


Lindsay & Marley

"We called Ted when we first got Murphy our Westie. After three other dogs, we wanted to get this one "right".  Potty training with Murphy was the easiest of our four dogs. Later, our sweet Murphy suddenly became very "alpha", and we didn't know what to do. He would growl when being put in and out of his crate and a few other situations. Ted Helped us to get Murphy back on the right track. We think any dog owner could benefit with instruction from Ted."

Thanks Ted for helping us learn what to do to have a sweet dog.
Jan & Dick Parson

Adrian Mi.


Hello Everyone ...
How do you thank someone who has given you back the ability and the willingness to work with dogs again? In November, 2010 I ​was given the name of a professional dog behaviorist, Ted Aranda. When he came to the door; my husband said, "Dot you will never believe who is here", “The Dog Whisperer". I laughed, "What do you mean?" So he came in and I was taken back by the soft voice and calm demeanor of this man. He laughed and said, ''No I'm not him, but we have met ".  As we sat in our living room discussing my problems handling our Doberman, I soon realized that this man knows his stuff. We went to the garage for me to show him how unruly but friendly Dakota acts. Dakota was big for his age, ten months old. Ted worked with Dakota and within twenty minutes had him under control. I was impressed! Then he handed him over to me and cautiously observed and instructed us working together.
I am handicapped with a dropped foot and blown out knees and hips. I have severe osteoarthritis in my back, all which leaves me falling a lot. I use a walker and since Dakota has grown into an extremely large dog, 33 inches at the shoulder and only fifteen months old; I needed to get him under control. He has a sweet disposition and is very friendly. He and I have a tight bond. He is just a powerful animal and overly energetic.
We have owned nine dogs over our life time which I trained old style.  In December, 2004 I began a five an half year long illness. I never thought I would ever have another dog.When my hubby chose to get a large chubby Dobie puppy, we didn't know he would be having six surgeries; within the next year. So he doesn't have much contact with Dakota.
Since our first meeting with Ted, Dakota has received his official AKC Alternative Pal membership and his official registered name is: Dakota's Spirit of Riegsecker Kennel, of Wauseon, Ohio. He has received his Service Dog-in-Training Equipment and ID picture Badge. We are planning to start visitations in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and at Special events this summer; after he passes his Canine Good Citizen Test. If things continue to progress,
From the center of our hearts, we thank you Ted Aranda; for entering our lives - giving us hope,encouragement and knowledge of modern dog training practices. We will strive to live up to the task and spread the word … Ted Aranda is our friend and ally.

Dorothy J Butler & Dakota's Spirit
Manitou Beach Mi.


"We called Mr. Aranda shortly after getting Opha Mae from our breeder, Rottweilers Royal. We were amazed at his depth of knowledge and how quickly he got our 12 week old pup to respond to commands. My wife and I are extremely thankful that we called Mr. Aranda as soon as we got Opha Mae. The canine psychology and training knowledge he taught and demonstrated to us helped us to raise the most well-mannered Rottweiler I have ever seen. I would recommend Mr. Aranda to anyone!"

Tim & Nicole Turner
Blissfield Mi.




Opha Mae

Cristina, Hannah & Bo
I can not thank Ted enough for what he did for my family and our amazing greyhound Barnaby. We rescued Barnaby from GEM (Greythounds of Eastern Michigan; last year. Barnaby was a very well-behaved, 80 pound former racer who had also gone through additional training through a prison program for greyhounds. We never even heard Barnaby bark until he was here over one month and saw a rabbit.
A few months after Barnaby had lived with us some neighborhood dogs had broken away from their owner while we were walking and they charged Barnaby. No one was hurt seriously but from that time on he had leash aggression issues while on our walks.
Whenever we approached a house with dogs, whether they were inside our out, barking or not, Barnaby would go "nuts". If we actually came upon another dog who was also walking on a leash he became very difficult to control. He would bark, jump in the air, spin in the air and become so aggressive it was difficult to control him (80lbs of jumping pure muscle). My adult daughter was not comfortable walking him anymore. Again, it didn’t matter if the other dog ignored him or not, it was not only nerve-racking, but really embarrassing; we were starting to be known in the neighborhood; he was really scary. We finally called Ted after he was recommended by a friend and another trainer.
Ted came to our home and provided very detailed information on how to understand and relate to Baranaby and understand why he reacted the way he did. He explained that we needed to have better control of him inside the house if we ever hoped to control him outside.Ted gave us homework and left us to work with Barnaby for a few weeks, offering unlimited telephone consultations and email help; which I took advantage of. I was a little nervous when Ted was scheduled to return, worried I wasn’t ready, but Ted worked with us outside that day. We walked Barnaby all around the neighborhood, looking for other dogs, looking for someone to bark at us and Ted taught me how to handle and control Barnaby at every turn. The change in Barnaby was amazing, truly unbelievable. By the end of the walk, Barnaby was sitting and staying on my command, literally sitting in front of the dogs that had aggressively approached us in the past.
I can’t emphasize enough how much this changed Barnaby’s behavior and made our daily walks a pleasure, not something to feel anxious about. Now if Barnaby does start to react when he sees another dog, he corrects himself before I have a chance to; I turn around and he’s already sitting. I know that if I have any questions or need a refresher, Ted will be there.

​Thanks Ted, we love you.
Kim & Barnaby
Ann arbor Mi.


Kim & Barnaby
Dorothy  & Dakota
Ted is a great trainer! I was a bit nervous at first. But after spending a few minutes with Ted, I felt relaxed and confident that I would learn all I needed to know about training our Great Dane. I was blown away by Ted's knowledge.  On Our first appointment with Ted, I was given the first rule of thumb.When it comes to training  Kisa, we were not to try to communicate with her like a child or human. I learned the psychology of a dog and how to communicate with Kisa  in a way she instinctively understands! wow! Glad I was taught this important piece of information, because that is exactly what I would have done. However,Ted also said that their is still room to spoil our dogs a little. After all that is why we got them!

Our Great Dane is a wonderful addition to our family...My husband and I and 3 small kids are very happy with the training that Ted has provided us with! She is a huge dog and we really needed to know how to handle her before she became an adult! We have taught her many tricks and many obedience skills, thanks to Ted!

Thanks Ted!!!
Dr. Kirk and Jamie Stubbs, Reagan Brooke and Clay..
and of course Kisa the Great Dane!

Kisa & Jamie
Joseph & Amber
We rescued our King Charles Cavalier/Bichon mix puppy from an Indiana Humane Society in July. Duffy was 7 months old, completely untrained and exhibited some issues involving separation anxiety. We also wanted professional assistance with correct house and obedience training in general. After positive references from our Veterinary Office and knowledgeable dog owners, we contacted Ted Aranda. We could not have been more pleased with our experience with the at-home training and guidance we received. We learned that we had many misconceptions about dog training that are counter-productive to correctly modifying our dog's behavior. Our goal was to not make common dog training mistakes due to our lack of knowledge and information about dog behavior and psychology. Ted provided us with the necessary understanding, guidance and behavior management techniques to properly train Duffy. The results have been truly amazing and we couldn't be happier with our house trained, obedient, 10-month-old dog, who is now a wonderful house pet whose behavior was positively modified with Ted's pet-friendly dog training approach.

Ted Aranda was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him for your dog training problems. Once Ted has instructed you in understanding a dog's instinctive thought processes, and the training techniques to produce desired behavioral changes, you will also be amazed by the results.

Tom & Carol Bell
Adrian Michigan

In February of 2011 we brought home our beloved Rooney an English Cocker Spaniel who at the time was 2 1/2 months old. At four months of age we were ready to start dog training (learning too late we could have started earlier). I went into the Red Mill Pet Store to get some kind of training collar and as I was talking to the owner and he brought Ted over to answer my questions. Ted said he could come over and teach my dog to sit, stay, and wait in another room within 15 minutes. I thought to myself this guy is crazy but I took his business card anyway and went home. We were unsuccessful trying to train Rooney by ourselves. I found Ted's number and told my husband that I would "call his bluff" and "hope" he could train Rooney in 15 minutes. Well, guess what? He did just that but first he spent two hours training us because we needed it more than the dog!!! Rooney is now over a year old. With every stage Rooney goes through growing up, Ted has been there helping an emotional "mom" be a responsible pet owner. Our dogs are only as behaved and trained as much as we are willing to do our job. Ted is not only a fantastic trainer but an outstanding human being. Ted, we are certainly blessed to have you in our lives.

Cindy Poenicke
Adrian mi.

Marley Bear update

Marley continues to make great progress. Marley Bear is now a different dog that everyone loves to be around. It's hard to believe he was once afraid of things and he's doing very well with new people.
He is now learning new routines for mini shows that my girls like to get him involved in at our home. He join's the children in a play they put on every month for family at our home and they just find it hard to believe he was once afraid of what he faces now. Marley even got the role as the dog in Twas a Night Before Christmas play my girls got into through their classes to perform Christmas Eve for parents.
My daughter's and I have begun training Marley for more advanced tricks. He's become part of the local entertainment at the festivals in Hudson and everyone enjoys having him as part of the local color. His training has become a different new trick daily. The newest trick we've taught Marley is how to play ring toss, we toss a ring to him and he slides it's over his body and sends to the other player. Since we moved to Hudson, for Halloween, my daughters dressed up as cheerleaders and dressed Marley as their star football player. Even their junior cheerleader's coach enjoys Marley. He goes to every practice and every game with my daughter's.
The community really got to see what Marley Bear is capable of doing with the children. He even visits my daughter's in school 2 days a week, he visits at story time with my eldest daughter and he visits at nap time with my youngest daughter at her school. Both girls took him to show and tell in October before the main elementary and performed a little show they practiced all summer long. They were very impressed. When we're out as a family everyone stops to greet Marley with positive comments and statements. Next week he begins his Santa Buddies role for a few of the local families with sick children that were unable to go visit Santa at the school for their Family Reading Night Tuesday Dec 13, 2011.

Sincerely,thanks again
Lindsey Eichler
Adrian Mi.


Lindsay & Marley
If you’re on the fence about hiring Ted, do it. I owned Mylie for 2 years when she started showing signs of becoming reactive around other dogs when I walked her around the neighborhood. Ted was more than happy to come over and witness her behavior. He walked around the neighborhood with Mylie/me. Ted spent a lot of time explaining dog behaviors/communication. I found out these are both valuable tools to have owning a dog. With this knowledge you are endless as to what you can teach your dog. Mylie is now a joy to walk with around the neighborhood and I have also taught her to sit, stay, down, come, shake, play dead and she is is now enrolled in beginner’s agility class. Even after the sessions were well over and if I had questions or wanted advice about Mylie, Ted was easy to get a hold of and will spend however much time you need talking about it. He loves dogs so much that his goal is to have you and your dog live happily ever after in your home.

Adrian Michigan


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Opah Mayupdate

Opha Mae is doing great. She is about 100 lbs. now and even more affectionate than ever. We hung a bell on our doorknob & she rings it whenever she has to go to the bathroom. We used the techniques you taught it and she got it down almost immediately! Once again, we are both thankful for the lessons you taught us. Opha truly is one of the best dogs we have ever seen, and we get compliments every time someone meets her.

Thanks again Ted                                          

I am a disabled Iraq combat veteran. I suffer from many physical as well as emotional injuries. My psychiatrist suggested that a Post Traumatic Stress Dog (P.T.S.D.) might help me deal with my countless day to day struggles. We immediately began searching for the perfect dog for me.

Moe became a part of our family in April 2012. We adopted Moe with the hopes of making him my therapy/companion dog. He was a rescue from Ohio, where it is clear he was not well cared for. He is a St. Bernard/Rottweiler mix and at 8 weeks only weighed 11lbs, while his litter-mates weighed almost twice that.

He was wonderful and very well behaved until he turned 4 months old. It was like someone flipped a switch and my laid back, easy going companion became extremely owner protective and aggressive. I had no idea what happened or why he started acting this way.

I later learned that a relative was coming in our house while we were away and forcing himself on Moe. He would back Moe into a corner with his hand out trying to pet him. He would do this over and over again, sometimes dragging Moe out by his collar just so he could pet him. Moe and I started basic obedience classes praying they would help with the aggression. Sadly enough the trainer used old school techniques which only made the aggression worse.

We were at our wits end when I finally asked our vet for suggestions. She immediately recommended Mr. Aranda. She told us that she had a lot of clients that have used him and were very satisfied with the results. I went home and called him that same day. We must have spoke for more than an hour on the phone. He was very thorough in his explanation of his approach on dog training and his knowledge on the subject was very impressive.

I was not sure what to expect the first visit. I was a little hesitant and afraid about how Moe would react to him. I had no reason to worry; the first 2 hour visit was all about training me to communicate with Moe. Ted backed up all his theories with evidence from research books that he brought with him. He showed me in writing why and how dogs behave as they do. He put everything into Layman’s terms and was certain that I fully understood before he moved onto the next subject. He was very concerned that I understand what he was telling me, because ultimately it’s my job to train Moe not his. Ted gave me all the tools I needed to understand how to communicate with Moe and how to get the response I wanted from him.

I followed Ted’s advice and started working with Moe right away. Within a week people were asking me “what did you do to him? He’s a totally different dog, he’s not growling at me!” I am beyond pleased with the results of Ted’s training! I would highly recommend him to anyone that has any type of behavioral problem with their dog. Moe is not 100% perfect yet, but he is well on his way to becoming the P.T.S.D. dog that I so desperately need, and I owe it all to Ted. His approach to training the trainer is far better than any obedience class out there. I cannot thank you enough Ted!

Lisa S. Bates
Clayton, MI


After our beloved Belle passed away in Feb. 2012, I believed I would not have another dog. She was as perfect of a companion as they come. Well behaved, calm, playful, everyone's friend. Then, in August, 2012, I saw Ava at Tractor Supply when the Lenawee Humane Society had an adoption event there. Those eyes of hers tugged at my heart! I walked her around, she was sweet with me and the children around her. Never barked when the other dogs were noisy. I thought she would be a great addition to our home. The first day she jumped my fence twice and ran away, she repeated that many times. While she was sweet enough in the house, she was aggressive with other dogs. She would not come when we called her. I was rethinking if she would be able to stay with us. My first experience with Ted was over the phone when I was distraught believing I would have to send Ava back to the Humane Society because of a very aggressive incident she had with a family member's dog. Ted was very patient and spent close to an hour on the phone with me. He was so understanding, giving me the comfort and confidence I needed to make my decision. He explained exactly why she acted the way she had and told me what it was going to take to train or control her. All this over a phone call! I kept Ava and Ted came to my home to work with us. And I do mean US! He spent the first visit training my husband and myself on dog temperment and behavior. I think we needed the help more than Ava! He gave us so much information, encouragement and understanding. Ted is extremely knowledgeable and certainly practiced in his methods. My husband had been in "old school" dog training in the past and was much impressed with Ted's techniques. Ted is very straightforward and direct with his wisdom while being patient with his clients and their animals. He always made sure we had no questions or uncertainty before he left us.
I am so thankful Ted answered his phone that day! Though we are still in the early stages of training, Ted has given us great technique to help control and enjoy Ava. I would tell everyone to make the investment in Ted and his training if you choose to be a dog owner. Ted and his wisdom are priceless!

Jaci & Steve Trupino
Tecumseh Mi.

    ​ ********************************************************************

Our first encounter with Ted was at least 9 years ago. He helped us sort out our black Lab Dora who was suffering from separation anxiety disorder. She literally torn down walls and dug up floors in a desperate attempt to escape the house to folow us. With his patience, guidance, vast knowledge and experience we had after only 2 consults a very gentle, well-behaved dog that was a pleasure to own. Our most recent encounter was to seek help for our present dog Suki who for some reason disliked and was in fact afraid of any human under 4 feet tall! Once again with Ted's guidance and knowledge, Suki now plays with and loves our grandchildren, even letting them pet her. We really cannot say a big enough thank you and highly reccomend him to anyone with problem dogs like ours.

Mucho Gracias Ted
Jackie Gasson



Mr. Aranda is top notch and very efficient. We adopted our first dog from the Humane Society and had so many concerns. Our puppy hated his kennel and within 10 minutes, Ted had our puppy laying down resting inside it. We couldn't believe it! Mr. Aranda was not only professional, but educated us on our new puppy. He also made follow-up calls to ensure his advice was working. We are very impressed and would highly recommend Ted Aranda to anyone with dog concerns.

Andi Rorick


Toby & kids
Ted has quite possibly saved our sanity. He's extremely knowledgable of why dogs do what they do and methods to help them stop their bad behavior. Our beagle is extremely anxious, piddling in the house when excited. Ted has taught us how to stop this behavior and help her to be a calmer puppy.  ​ I was amazed with the results I saw in her after the first 5 minutes he had with her. And am amazed every day since. She's calmer and we're calmer. We look forward to being able to take her traveling with us after my husband retires. Thank you Ted!

Pat Dubois



We never dreamed these two pictures were possible! After taking ownership of my Dads dog, we were unsure if he would ever be cat friendly or leash trained. Dreams come true! After educating me, and with correct training from you, we are well on our way! It's a work in progress, but we have zoomed through the hardest parts, and see a very bright future for us! Thank you so much for teaching us how to communicate with our pets!

​Thanks, Ted!
​​H L & Carrie Green



ZUES & CARRIE               ZUES & BLACKIE
For almost a year, I have been sick with a stomach virus that only a few in the world actually have. This has affected a lot of my life and I have had to make changes. My daughter knew that things were getting hard and decided to bless our family with a Great Dane puppy. Her intentions were great! Oaty helped me keep distracted during the day and helped me focus on everything besides my stomach. But the only problem there was, was our family began to spoil him. It became so bad that Oaty would whine as loud as he could for any food that he wanted or even just to go outside. This became annoying very fast. He also wasn't trained to take walks nicely and was getting so big that he would drag my daughter and I around on a lease. It seemed to be that he was giving us a walk instead of the other way around. Oaty even hated being around new people because was terrified of them! So, this is when Ted came into the picture! We gave him a call as soon as Oaty turned 7 months because we couldn't deal with the whining much longer! Ted did a great deal of help by showing my family exactly what to do when Oaty starts whining. It has worked so well that Oaty rarely ever whines and when he decides to rebel we know exactly what to do. Ted even showed us how to teach Oaty to get used to being around people since he is very shy around things smaller than him and new people! It has made things way easier for us because we have a lot of individuals over for parties and get togethers. Ted also gave us tips on buying a mouth harness for our dog to walk with. This harness has done wonders on not having Oaty drag us around! If it wasn't for Ted, our family would still be dealing with a whiny dog and I don't think we could of dealt with it much longer! Thank you so much Ted! We couldn't have done this without you!

Connie King

I first want to thank Ted very much for helping us with our rescue pit bull Zoey. Because of his background Zoey had some reactivity issues with people. He did a very good job explaining how and why Zoey was behaving aggressively toward people. His understanding of dog psychology and years of experience came through when sitting down and talking to him.
Ted will come into your home and you can tell right away he know how dogs behave. He will start teaching the minute he walks in the door. You can tell that he knows a lot about dog behavior. He makes it easy to understand things that at first sound confusing. Ted is also very good at making sure everyone in the room understands what he is saying by having people ask questions and restate in their own words what he just explained. I would highly recommend Ted to anyone with a problem dog or anyone trying to learn more about dog training.

Aaron Dietsch
Temperance Mi

Ted Aranda is, hands down, the most kind and caring individual I have met in the dog world. His knowledge, expertise and compassion for all animals are impeccable. He has devoted his life to helping humans understand the behavioral needs of their pets, creating harmony within the family unit and helping families to keep working on issues rather than giving up. In addition to helping residents within the county, he is a huge advocate and help to the Lenawee Humane Society (LHS). His work is so important to me, the staff at LHS and most importantly to our canine residents. He works with many pets and their people to prevent human frustration, providing helpful tips and tools to prevent families from making the hard choice to give up on the idea of having a pet and surrendering them to a shelter or worse. The pets in our shelter are often visited and evaluated by Ted, who also provides our staff with helpful tools specific to each dog. When dogs leave the shelter to their forever home, Ted is a resource for all our adopters. He works with shelter families with a dedication of keeping the dogs out of the shelter.  Understanding behavior and it's causes is key to his success and the success of our shelter residents in their new home…..making it their forever home! We feel blessed to have found a resource and friend in Ted Aranda.

Marcie M. Cornell
Executive Director
Lenawee Humane Society

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I adopted my Great Dane puppy Marley from a rescue in Michigan found on when he was 12 weeks old. I first met Marley when he was 11 weeks old at his foster home. I was told he came from a breeder/hoarder situation just a few days prior. Neither the adult dogs nor the puppies had been socialized. That day I first met Marley he seemed somewhat fearful and not socialized. I fell in love with that face and what I thought he could be. I knew early socialization is extremely important and he had missed much of it already. I called Ted prior to bringing him home to do an evaluation as soon as possible. I knew Ted could get us on the right track, and set Marley up with every available opportunity for success. So at 12 weeks Marley came home to me after he was neutered and the adoption process was completed. Ted came to my house for an in home visit to evaluate Marley. The puppy had been labeled possible fear aggression by the rescue due to lack of socialization and his breed. Ted evaluated him and gave me instructions and pointers to help socialize him. We started on Ted’s recommendations right away. Getting him out to meet people and encounter new situations in a calm and reassuring manner, to build Marley’s confidence. Today at 16 weeks Marley is becoming the dog I knew he could be on that first day I laid eyes on him. I credit much of this to being pro-active in getting Ted’s help to get as early a start as possible, and preventing any new issues from popping up. With Ted’s help Marley and I should have years of happy partnership together.

I would like to thank Ted for all of his time and vast knowledge in educating and helping me to bring out the Marley that I knew was there. Thank you again Ted for helping me with this wonderful new addition to my family.

Heather Marr
Adrian, MI


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thanks Ted
Many people that adopted an animal from the Lenawee Humane Society found that, even though they have good intentions, they cannot handle the dog they adopted. The dog may have behavior issues such as fear aggression, separation anxiety or is just stubborn and won't follow simple commands. When these same adopters want to return the dog we recommend they call Ted and let him evaluate the dog. More often than not, it usually is a combination of the owner and the dog that need training! And Ted has made sure that both get that training. I have seen the results of many of the dogs that Ted has helped train and rehabilitate, The before and after product result is amazing! A dog that wouldn't listen, won't walk when on a leash or follow simple commands at first, is now a well behaved, responsive animal. Through Ted's guidance, both owner and dog are much happier in their relationship. That is what makes the term "man's best friend" a reality when each enjoys the others company without the hassle of trying to gain control. With Ted's training the owner has the control of the dog, but it is it is a win-win relationship and life is calmer.

Ted came to our Rabies Clinic and observed several "out of control" dogs waiting their turn for vaccinations. These dogs were disrupting everything. He immediately asked the owners if he could give them a hand with the problem and within a short amount of time had the animals subdued and manageable. It created a less stressful time for others with dogs that were being well behaved.

Ted also came to our 5K-9 Run/Fun Walk which allowed dogs to walk with their owners. Ted helped many of the owners with rambunctious dogs understand how to get them calmed down around other dogs and be more manageable.

Wherever dog's and owners need help, Ted will be there helping.
He truly has a gift with dogs and communicating with them.

Bonnie Tancredi
Former Executive Director
Lenawee Humane Society

Ted did a great job with Thor, helping me to teach self-control with my other dog,
releasing his toys on command, and other things.

Ted, I've learned so much from you on how dogs think and why they do what they do. Knowing this helps with training and getting faster results! Having a giant dog, I wanted to make sure that I could handle him as he grew, so I sought Ted out for instruction. I highly recommend Ted.

Carmen Borton
Onstead Mi.

I just wanted you to know after we spoke on the phone about the pup I have that has cerebral hypoplasia I took your advice and separated her from my pack. I slowly started introducing her to them little by little and know she is part of my pack! I have always valued your words of wisdom. Your a great person and trainer! I will always look up to you and value your advice! Here is a pic of her today with one of my pack! Thank you for your help, support and great advice!"

​Thanks Ted
Kristi Hines​​

Sharon and I got Ellie our German Shepherd when she was about 8 weeks old. After having her for awhile we decided she needed some discipline training but had no idea who to call. Then one day we picked up Teds card at a local pet supply store and called him. When Ted came over for the first time both Sharon and I expected him to start working with Ellie, but that is not what happened. Ted worked with us and gave us a much needed education on how dogs think and respond to our actions. He talked to us about positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement and the effects they will have on our dog. Though at times you may need to use negative reinforcement,Ted stressed to us to use positive reinforcement over and over to get her to do things we want and believe me it works. Ellie has tuned out to be a great pet and is very enjoyable to have around and is great around other dogs and more importantly is awesome with both young people and adults. Both Sharon and I are so glad we made the call and I know if we ever get another dog we will not hesitate to call Ted again.

Thanks Ted, you absolutely know your stuff when it comes to training dogs!

Jeff and Sharon Simpson
Tecumseh Michigan



About two years ago, I was having difficulties with my German Shepherd. He was two years old at the time and could not control himself, especially when people came over or if he seen any other animal. We would always have to lock him in another room and while in another room would shred the door trying to get out. No matter what we said he would not stop. He would aggressively try to blow out the front door to greet people. He also could not be trusted around anyone and taking him to the park was a nightmare. I would have to go at times when no one was around. And when I seen anyone I would have to dart the other way. I never agreed with a shock collar, but honestly it crossed my mind a few times. I decided I just could not go that route. I didn't have the heart and he was so sweet and well tempered when it was just my fiancé, daughter and I, that's what was so frustrating. I went to two different trainers and basically was told I waited to late for training. I also felt the training from these two trainers were to intense. I didn't want a police or military dog. I just wanted a good family dog that had self control. The trainers basically told me shock collar was my only option.It was really getting me depressed because I didn't want to go that route. I found a card with Ted Arandas information. We looked into it and it sounded like he was the right one. It was our last chance. Best decision we made. Ted came to our home, and which was a good change seeing as the other trainers made us come to them. Now Ted was in Kaiser's territory. I was so nervous Kaiser was going to bite him. He came over and what surprised me is the training was not just for the dog. It was educating us also!  It was knowing the history and the background of our dog. He taught us how a dogs mind works and what motivates his behavior, good or bad! I think that's what most trainers don't do and people are left confused. You have to understand your pet before they can understand you.Before meeting with Ted, I never thought there was hope. I took every word and all the training techniques that Ted gave us and put them to use. Kaiser is four years old. He listens to every command. People come over as they please, new and old friends. He never greets them at the door unless we command. He is off a leash, he does not run and approach anyone. I can take him to the park and let him off his leash and play ball without any fear at anytime. It doesn't matter how many dogs are there, people are running around he won't leave my side unless told. I feel so confident in my dog. Two years ago I would never have thought to be writing such a review. I honestly can say Ted doesn't do what he does just to make extra money he does it because he is passionate about what he does and is VERY educated in what he does. I would recommend him to anyone and have. I think he is truly inspiring and I want to thank him for helping us get to where we are today.

​​Thank you Ted

Mary and Evan Keller & Kaiser

Thank you for stopping by to help with the dogs! You are extremely knowledgable and I can already see positive changes in Maggie's behavior. For anyone needing help with training a dog --you are the go to guy for sure. Professional, intelligent and truly a dog lover ...all great qualities for a dog trainer! I'd highly recommend you to anyone needing help with their dog(s)!!!! Thanks again Alyson Feinberg and I are very appreciative!
Yes we know we have to constantly be on guard!!! Like I said Maggie has shown improvement since we have become the alpha in the house.

Jackie Witt​​


​Ted has been helping me with my new Diabetic Alert Dog, Levi! He is really helping me to fine tune Levi's training and is doing an amazing job training ME so that Levi will continue to do an amazing job! He's been helping me a ton with basic obedience and some of Levi's fears. I now have no doubt that we are going to resolve problem behaviors, enhance the good ones, and that Levi will continue to alert when my sugars are out of range and save my life on the daily! 
Levi is doing outstanding!!!!!! He is heeling, and backing, and little kids are coming up and I'm giving then treats and he is cautious but he stopped trying to run and hide behind me. He's doing so great already! You're brilliant!!! Thank you so much for your help Ted!!!!

Stephanie Frank​​


Who needs the Dog Whisperer when we have Ted Aranda right here in Adrian ! Ted is a walking memory bank of knowledge on dog behavior. He has a lifetime of experience with training dogs.
The hardest part of Ted's job is not breaking the dog but breaking the owners. In just a few short minutes of actual hands-on training, after teaching us our dog's behaviors, Ted had our dog obeying the command he was teaching him. We can call Ted whenever a problem arises that we cannot solve. Ted will be here soon to help us out. He teaches us things that we never thought of and they make a huge difference in our dog's behavior. Once you have had him you will consider him a friend, not just a trainer.
Ted loves dogs and it shows.

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