Q: Can any dog, any age be trained in your program?
Puppies as young as 7 wks of age can learn basic commands (sit,down,come,) and start learning what I call   the "Do’s and Don’ts" of life in your home. Their minds are like sponges, and will absorb everything good or bad. However, dogs just like humans are never too old to learn and improve their behavior.

Q: Will my dog be perfectly trained after these private lessons?
No, not “perfectly”. But After these private dog training sessions you will see a significant  improvement in his behavior. You will know what to do when your dog doesn’t respond to a request or what to do when he performs an undesirable behavior. Just like kids that need daily feedback from their parents until they are 18 yrs and on their own (some longer), so do dogs.

Q: Who should do the dog training?
Whoever interacts with the dog the most or needs the most control over the dog should do the initial training.

Q: If I go through the dog training will my dog work for the rest of the family?
Your dog will work for whoever learns how to motivate the dog to respond to your request.

Q: Will your program cover any problem with my dog?
Yes! Aggression, Barking, Jumping, Stealing, House-training Separation Anxiety, etc. Anything!

Q: Can any breed be trained?
Any breed can be trained!  There is no breed that I won’t help you train. There are few breeds that I have not worked with in my 35 years of training dogs. If it's a dog, It can be trained!!

Q: Can you train an aggressive dog?
There are many different types of aggression problems. Mild aggressive problems can be controlled in a short period of time. More severe problems can take longer. There are some dogs, just like humans, that cannot be rehabilitated!

Q: I want my dog to be a good watchdog, but can I control his barking?
Barking to alert you is fine. But he should stop barking when told. If you are the leader (authority figure) and you approve of the presence of someone in your home, then the dog should  taught to stop barking when told to.

Q: Do you use food rewards in your dog training program?
Yes I use food to teach new behaviors, switch to intermittent food reinforcement, and then over to what are called “life’s reinforcers”

Q: How is this dog training program unique and why has it been so effective for 38 years?
My training program is effective because it provides a clear understanding of Canine Cognition ("dog psychology") and behavior.This allows you to communicate with your dog in a way that animals process information and understand. I simplify important animal learning and motivational principles so that they are easy to understand and apply. I feel the key to my success is in teaching people how dogs learn, what to teach, then exactly how to do it, and why it should be done this way. I teach  and clearly explain these principles, then I personally demonstrate with your dog, followed by me supervising you working your dog to be sure you are applying the training properly. For problem behaviors, my approach treats the root cause of behavioral problems, not just the symptoms.

Q: How much is the training?
My one-on-one training fee is adjusted to every ones individual needs. Puppy training might be one price while serious aggression problems would be another. Depending on your location, the price may vary to cover travel time. This is then followed by support via the phone and e:mail

Q: How do I get started?
A: Adrian - Tecumseh Mi. - Lenawee County Area  call 517-265-3266                

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