My dog just won’t listen!!  That’s one of the most common dog training complaints I have heard in the many years of helping people with problem behaviors. But maybe the problem is that we are not listening to our dogs when they are trying to communicate with us. Are you listening?

Dogs “speak” to their human owners all the time! No, dogs can’t speak English or Spanish, but they can speak “Doglish”. “Doglish” is what I call interacting and communicating with your dogs in a way that they naturally and instinctively understand. We humans use language based on complex abstract words. Dogs “speak” to humans primarily through the language of body postures, facial expressions, along with a few arfs, woofs, whines and grrrrs.

People demand obedience!! However It has been my experience in helping thousands of people with dog training, that when they are experiencing problem behaviors, they are not communicating with their dog in a way that they clearly understand. Consequently, people think they just have a stupid, stubborn, or reactive dog. Then they are told that their dogs are "untrainable". I believe they are trainable! Most behavioral problems can be solved by communicating (training) more precisely based on the way that animals instinctively and naturally learn and behave.

Dogs are not human! Therefore, to communicate effectively you must understand how animals perceive their world. Ethology, the scientific study of animals in a natural environment, interprets how animals naturally learn, communicate and  react instinctively. It is really not that difficult to understand and it makes sense.

Pack Leadership, Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations. We keep hearing these words and concepts. However, Leadership does not imply outdated Dominance Theory. If you are not communicating in a way that your dog clearly understands, you may still not get the training results and the relationship you want! The approach I use in dog training is not just my personal opinion or “method” but is based on the proven Scientific Principles of Animals Learning and Motivation.  Are you listening?

WHAT IS MY APPROACH IN DOG TRAINING AND WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? First I teach you the knowledge that you need, based on Canine Learning Science. I will break down these learning and motivating principles so that a child can understand them. It’s not difficult!!! Then I work with you and your dog to put that knowledge into practice by providing hands-on help and instruction. By teaching this way, you will see your dog’s behavior transform right before your eyes in the first session. I will leave you with the knowledge and technical skills so you can maintain and continue your dog’s education and training.

Once the two of you are "listening" to each other (communicating), I promise you will see amazing improvement in your dog training sessions, behavior and relationship based on mutual Understanding, Trust and Respect.

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